Correct Score Betting

Betting on the correct score of a football match is fairly self explanatory. You get a list of scores to the home side, a list of scores to the away team, and a list of scores for a drawn match. Every single score has it’s own odds. You simply pick the score/odds you like, and you have a bet on that score.

Best Bookmakers For Correct Score Betting

Correct Score Betting Example

Arsenal are playing at home to Manchester United, and you think that Arsenal will win 2-1. You look down the list and see that Arsenal to win 2-1 is 10/1, so you have five pounds on it.

If Arsenal win 2-1, you get back £55.00. You will get back your five pound stake as your bet won, and you will also get £50.00 winnings (£5 x 10/1).

If the match finishes with any score other than 2-1 to Arsenal, the bet loses.

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