Is a football bet over 90 minutes?

When it comes to football betting, a lot of people are unsure if a football bet is over 90 minutes?

In general the answer is yes, all football bets are over 90 minutes.

The 90 minutes Football Betting Rule

  • Goals scored in stoppage time at the end of 90 minutes do count towards a 90 minutes bet.
  • Goals scored in extra-time (the 30 minutes you get in knock-out matches) do not count towards 90 minutes betting.

90 minutes bet includes stoppage time, but it DOES NOT include extra-time.

When you see a football bet like in the image below…… these are all 90 minutes betting odds.

is a football bet 90 minutes

The most important thing you can do (if you’re new to football) is learn the difference between stoppage time, and extra time.

Stoppage Time Is……

Stoppage time is the handful of minutes held up on a board by the 4th Official at the 45 minutes mark (end of 1st half), and at the 90 minutes mark, at the end of the match.

Any goal scored in stoppage time is included in 90 minute bets.

In all matches you nearly always will have stoppage time added on at the end for injury breaks, substitutions, goal celebrations, time wasting, etc.

So for example, a referee adds on 3 minutes stoppage time at the end of 90 minutes, and a goal is scored after 92 minutes. This goal is included in your 90 minutes bet.

Extra-Time Is…..

Extra-time is the extra 30 minutes played at the end of cup or knock-out matches.

This is played when the two teams are drawing after 90 minutes. By definition, if a match goes to extra-time, the 90 minutes bet would have been a draw.

You will never get extra time at the end of a league match, only cup and knock out matches.

Any goals scored in extra-time do not count towards a general 90 minutes football bet.

So remember, when betting on football, the odds you see are for 90 minutes only.

Do Penalty Shoot Outs Count in 90 minutes betting?

No, they don’t. If extra-time doesn’t count, then there is no way Penalty Shoot outs can count.

Which brings me nicely onto the next section….. to qualify betting.

To Qualify Betting Is…..

This is a bet you will only find in knock-out tournaments and competitions.

So for example, any domestic cup. Or international events such as the World Cup, and European Champions, once they get past the group stages.

In cups and the knock-out stages of international competitions, you will see bets to ‘Qualify For The Next Round.’ These are bets on who will get through by any method.

So if Brazil are playing England in the World Cup, a ‘To Qualify For The Next Round’ bet will be something like…..

Brazil 4/6 – England 6/5

….. For either side to win the bet for you, they simply have to get through to the next round.

So if you’ve bet on Brazil to qualify, they can win in 90 minutes, extra-time, or on penalties. It doesn’t matter, as long as they get through.

In a final, this bet will be called ‘To Lift The Trophy Betting’ as there is obviously no next round.

You will only ever find To Qualify bets in knock out competitions.

You will also notice that there are only two possible outcomes to this bet. As opposed to three (the draw is included) in a 90 minutes bet.