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Welcome to Football Betting Explained. The aim of this website is too give you all the information and more you need for betting on football.

Information about football bets can be hard found. Sure there are glossaries on all bookmakers sites, but how many of them are written in layman’s terms? Not many, I can tell you. Here we aim to put this right, and help you in your football betting.

Explaining Bet Types – There seems to be an assumption in the betting industry that everybody placing a bet knows what they are doing, but experiences tells us this isn’t the case. Here we aim to put this right.

Fully understanding what Over 2.5 Goals means, or what a Yankee bet is, etc, before you part with your money can only help you. So here we will bring you that information, along with bet examples. We aim to keep bet descriptions short and simple, and – hopefully – easy to understand.

Football betting is now a multi billion pound industry, and the bookmakers have found ways to create well over 100 markets for you to be on in a match. There are though some basic favourites which us punters like to bet on, which we have compiled a list of below.

Popular Football Bets

Match Betting – Probably the most popular football bet is one on who you think will win the match. This can be called Match Betting, 1 X 2, or 90 Minutes Betting, all three are the same bet. Simple select either the home team (1), or the away team (2), to win, or you can pick the draw (X).

Asian Handicap – This is a complicated bet for more experienced football gamblers, and is designed to create a more 50/50 bet. So for example, if Real Madrid are at home to the team bottom of the Spanish league, the Asian Handicap bet might see Madrid starting at -3 Goals. Meaning they would have to win 4-0 to win the bet.

Draw No Bet – Draw No Bet sees the 90 minute match betting come down to a 2 horse race. If you back the home team to win, and they win, your bet is a winner. While if you back a home win, and the match ends in a draw, you get your money back. If you back the home team to win, and the away team wins, your bet is a loser.

As this is a 2 horse race with the possibility of getting your money back, the odds are far shorter than if you place a bet using the conventional Match Betting (90 minutes / 1 X 2) market.

Half-time / Full-time – This is a bet on the outcome of the match at half time and full time. So for example, you could back Real Madrid to be winning at half time, and also at full time.

Over/Under Betting Explained

Overs / Unders – The Overs and Unders bets are one of the most puzzling in football. As they are usually Over/Under 2.5 Goals, etc, and how can you have half a goal?

The 0.5 is simply added to make it a 2 horse race. So Over 2.5 Goals would be a bet on 3 goals or more to be scored. While Under 2.5 Goals would be a bet on 0, 1, or 2 goals to be scored. This bet can be done on corners, as well as goals.

Football Accumulator Betting Explained

Accumulator Bets (also know as Accas) – By far one of the biggest football bets is the Accumulator Bet, especially on a Saturday afternoon. These bets are far riskier, but the reason why they are so popular is because you can win big, while only making a small bet.

In an Accumulator Bet you pick a number of teams to win (or draw), and if all your selections turn out correct, you will win big. If only one outcome is wrong, your bet loses.

The more teams you put in your Accumulator Bet, the harder it becomes to win, and the more money you will win if you are successful.

Goals Betting Explained

Both Teams to Score – One of the far more easier football bets to explain. This is simply a bet on both teams to score.

The bet is usually listed as Yes or No. So for example if the match was Real Madrid V Barcelona, you would select ‘Yes’ for both teams to score, or ‘No’ if you think both teams won’t score.

Anytime Goalscorer – This is simply a bet on a player to score at any time in a particular football match. Every player has their own odds to score, back the player, and if he/she scores, your bet is a winner.

Bear in mind that a bet on Ronaldo or Messi (for example) to score anytime will have far lower odds than a bet on the right back of the team to score.

First Goalscorer – Similar to Anytime Goalscorer, every player on the pitch will have their own odds on scoring the first goal. These odds will be longer than the Anytime Goalscorer, as your player has to score the first goal of the match for this bet to win.

Correct Score – One of the harder football bets to predict. As is usually the case in football betting though, it is one of the most rewarding if you get it correct.

You place your bet on 1-0 to the home team, or 3-3 draw, if you think that will be the score at the end of 90 minutes. Predict the correct score and you win, choose the wrong score, and you lose.

Best Bookmakers For Football Betting

Which Bookmakers To Use For Betting On Football – There are certain bookmakers who are good for football refunds. Bookmakers who give you money back on certain markets every week, and who give you a refund on football accumulators if one team lets you down, etc.

For example, if you like placing accumulator bets on premier league matches, some bookmakers will give you a refund – as a free bet – up to a maximum of £10 if one leg of a five-fold bet lets you down.

It’s only a small adjustment to make to your football betting, but it could save you money. It can even make you more money from betting on football. This is just an example of the sorts of little football betting tips we will bring you here.

Football Betting Explained is currently under construction, so please be patient with us. But you can rest assured that you will soon have all the information you need about how football betting works.

In the meantime, should you wish to contact us to discuss anything, please feel free to mail us at admin@footballbettingexplained.co.uk

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