What Does Over 1.5 Goals Mean?

If you want to know what does over 1.5 goals mean in betting terms, it is a bet on there being 2 or more goals scored in a football match. So 1-1, 2-0, 0-2, 3-0, etc, are over 1.5 goals.

There are only three scorelines that are under 1.5 goals. They are 0-0, 1-0, and 0-1. Any other scoreline is over 1.5 goals.

Football Betting Sites For Over 1.5 Goals Betting

Which Bookmakers To Use For Betting On Football – There are certain bookmakers who are good for football refunds. Bookmakers who give you money back on certain markets every week, and who give you a refund on football accumulators if one team lets you down, etc.

Over 1.5 Goals Betting Explained

  • You believe there will be over 1.5 goals scored when Manchester United take on Chelsea at Old Trafford. Manchester United win 4-0, and your bet is a winner as there is 4 goals scored.
  • Tottenham are at home to Newcastle United, you thinks Spurs will win easily by a couple of goals, so there will be over 1.5 goals. You bet on over 1.5 goals, and the match surprisingly ends 1-0 to Newcastle. Your bet is a loser as only 1 goal is scored.
what does over 1.5 goals mean
An example of a match score that had over 1.5 goals in it.

Football Betting Explained

Bookmakers can have well over 100 different markets on a given football match. These can be markets on corners, goals, yellow cards, even shirt numbers. There is probably a market for everyone, especially on a Premier League match.

Here we are focusing more on the more popular betting markets, such as match winner betting, over/under 2.5 goals, both teams to score, etc.

We have put together a brief guide below, but please feel free to click on the relevant page for more information, as well as example bets on the selected markets.

  • Match Winner Betting – Also known as Win//Draw/Win, Home/Draw/Away or 1X2, the match winner market is a bet on what you think the outcome of a match over 90 minutes will be. Home win, draw, or away win.
  • Both Teams To Score Betting – A bet on whether you think both teams will score or not. Bet on ‘Yes’ if you think both teams will score, or ‘No’ if you think they won’t. Also known as BTTS.
  • First Goalscorer Betting – This is a pretty simple bet, you just back the player who you think will score first. This bet usually has pretty decent odds.
  • Anytime Goalscorer Betting – A bet on a player to score anytime in the match. It doesn’t matter if your selected player scores first or last, as long as the player scores, the bet is a winner.
  • Over/Under 2.5 Goals – Another popular football betting market. A bet on over 2.5 goals is a bet on there being 3 goals or more scored. A bet on Under 2.5 goals is a bet on there being 0, 1, or 2 goals scored in the match.

Football Betting

Betting on football has gone through the stratosphere over the past few years. This is part down to the explosion in online betting, and popularity of the Premier League.

Here at football betting explained, we aim to try and help make your football betting experience a far easier and enjoyable one. To assist you with this, we have put together the ultimate football betting glossary page.

football betting
Helping you to understand football betting in more detail

Here on this website we will be explaining football betting in more detail. For example, what does over 2.5 mean goals in a bet? Or how many corners are required for a bet on over 10.5 corners to win?

By helping to make football betting easier to understand, we believe we are playing our part in making it a more enjoyable experience for you.

Football Betting Tips

Football Betting Tips
Football Betting Tips Example – Over 3.5 Goals

Also here we bring you our football betting tips.

Finding decent football betting tips can be hard going. There are numerous sites out there claiming they are the real deal, but are they really?

Betting on football betting isn’t necessarily just saying Team A will beat Team B. Although that can be profitable if done correct, there are far more ways to win.

Different strategies could include laying teams (basically betting on a team not to win), or backing over or under goals markets. Our football betting tips are far more varied than simply just predicting one team will beat another.

Football Betting Systems

Football Betting Systems

Another great football betting resource is using football betting systems. These can be great as they can open your eyes to a whole new world of football betting.

Successful football betting systems can be based around a whole number of different betting markets. They can be correct score based, or even trading football markets on the betting exchanges, pre kick off,etc.

Football betting systems can be home made as well. For example, I love trading the over/under 2.5 goals market on the Betfair Betting Exchange before a match starts. It’s fairly easy to make around 1 to 2% profit of your betting bank, using this method.